Following its launch on May 5, 2024, Digital Safety School successfully held its very first 2-day Digital Hygiene Training from 18-19 May. The training was attended by 13 journalists stationed in different parts of Bangladesh. The two-day training started with learning about the basic do’s and don’ts of maintaining digital safety.

On the first day, the participants learned about account and browser security, data encryption tools and how to transfer and delete data securely and the best practices for capturing photos and videos on the ground. The second day of the training consisted of the participants learning about device and communication security, identifying malware and phishing attempts and the use of fact checking tools to identify fake images and videos. After each of these sessions, the participants were given the opportunity to practice the tool they learned about under the supervision of our security expert. This gave the participants more confidence about their capability to use the tools by themselves later on.

When the training concluded, one journalist expressed their gratitude for the opportunity and shared that, “During Covid-19, I would constantly watch videos on social media to learn about safe digital practices and although I was able to learn about the risks of the digital space, I was none the wiser about safe practices. By attending this training, I am now aware of the risks as well as how to protect myself from the threats.”

Another participant shared, “During the session on using fact-checking tools to identify fake images and videos, I thought that it would not be useful for me. But once the session ended I realized that the session was relevant for me and I did not even realize how much I needed it.”