Bangladesh Tech Policy Fellowship 2022: Call for applications

Bangladesh Tech Policy Fellowship 2022: Call for applications

Policies shape our lives in many ways. Those define how we live in a society, and what kind of society we would live in. With the rapid rise of the internet and the adoption of new technologies in our everyday life, we see different technology-related laws and policies emerge at home and across the world. As our virtual and physical lives get increasingly interlaced, the role and impact of tech policies on society have become more important than ever. Laws are meant to protect our safety and rights against abuses, and citizens can contribute to these policies with informed arguments, discussions, and debates.

Are you ready to contribute to a free and safe digital space? Here is your opportunity to learn.

Digitally Right launches the first Tech Policy Fellowship 2022 for young and mid-career professionals in Bangladesh, enabling them to understand the global and local trends in tech policies and their role and impact. It aims to empower citizen voices with the essential skills and knowledge to become an advocate for a free and open digital space. Access Now, an international non-profit organisation working to defend and extend the digital rights around the world, is a knowledge partner in this fellowship program.

Eligibility: We welcome applications from early and mid-career professionals. Please apply if you are from a law, journalism, academia, and civil society background; your age is between 26-40 years; the program is relevant to your career and professional work.

Program Duration: 6 months

What you get:

  • A 4-day residential workshop on tech policies at home and across the world.
  • Three in-depth virtual deep-dive sessions with leading global experts.
  • Production and publication of research papers/articles under expert mentors.
  • Present your work to a distinguished gathering.
  • Be a part of a regional network of tech policy enthusiasts.
  • A modest stipend for the fellowship period.

Application Deadline: 13 October, 2022.

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