Research Papers from the Tech Policy Fellowship 2022

Research Papers from the Tech Policy Fellowship 2022

With the rapid rise of the internet and the adoption of new technologies in our everyday life, we see different technology-related laws and policies emerge at home and across the world. To understand the trends in these policies and their role and impact on society, Digitally Right launched Bangladesh Tech Policy Fellowship 2022. The programme aimed to empower the citizen’s voices with the essential skills and knowledge to become an advo­cate for a free and open digital space.

The fellowship spanned for a period of six months where fellows from diverse backgrounds in academia, law, media, and civic advocacy were engaged in thorough training, and virtual deep-dives and produced research/papers under expert supervision.

In their research, fellows have focused on different areas of concern. For instance, while one of the papers emphasised on today’s youth’s interaction with the internet and their awareness of the rights and liabilities that come with it, another paper focused on how the Rohingya refugees are utilising the internet and the difficulties they face while doing so. It has also been found that the existing laws in terms of election are not sufficient to deal with the risks stemming from the digital space.

Two of our fellows attempted to assess the impact of the draft Data Protection Bill on in­ternet-driven businesses, which is set to make data localization mandatory. Another time appropriate research flags concerns around Facebook’s Bangla content moderation due to the language’s ethno-linguistic diversity.

We hope this publication and the reports by our fellows contribute to the existing knowl­edge and inform arguments, discussions, and debates for future actions in the tech policy space.

Read the papers here.